Aline Correa de Andrade

Realtor l BR and Florida
aline@andradeconsulting.org1 (305) 988-7006

Brazilian, Aline Andrade fulfilled her dream of living in the United States. A real estate agent for more than 11 years (in Brazil and in the United States), helping clients find the perfect real estate investment, from choosing a real estate to completing the purchase, sale or rental process.

Aline was born in Rio de Janeiro, and whenever she had the opportunity, she would travel to Florida. She has always been very dedicated to everything she set out to do, today she is a licensed realtor in the United States and also has permanent residence. Most important of all is her commitment to the values ​​of kindness, integrity and honesty.

Very dedicated to her family, Aline splits her time between work, her husband, and the children. Just like in her personal life, in which she made her dream come true and values ​​the moments with those she loves the most, in her professional life, she loves helping other families find the ideal home.

“My goal is to help families make their dreams come true, just as I made mine come true. When a client comes to me, either to rent or buy, I try to get to know them and identify the ideal home to live great moments and make memories that will remain forever. In addition, when the client buys a house with me, they have a financial guarantee with profitability in dollars, and they can rent it later. Helping them find the ideal investment and seeing them satisfied is priceless to me.”

Broker and founder of Andrade Consulting, today Aline helps not only Brazilians, but also Americans to find the ideal real estate.

“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.”– Henry Ford
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